The online retailer of technology and computer components that offers great value and range but seriously let down by an outdated delivery system that over-charges for small items.

Many years ago I used to spec, build and sell PC’s to businesses and I used to use Novatech as my main source of components. Even after that, I still continued to purchase and to a degree, I still do purchase from this great value online retailer. However, I recently moved to the north east of Scotland and since then, I have a major issue with this retailer.

This retailer has a fantastic range of ready made, partially made and components together with branded peripherals and utilities to do with computers and technology. Their retail prices are very competitive and the amount of stock carried is very impressive. They even stock difficult to get items like multi-monitor stands. The issue I have is since moving to north of Aberdeen, they now charge me “Highland Excess” charge on my delivery. This is a fixed rate charge added to any order no mater what I have ordered. So I am charged a £15 excess if I order a complete gaming rig worth over £1,000 or if I order a £1.99 SATA lead. First of all I would like to point out that Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire are not within the highlands of Scotland and secondly, I once ordered a £1.99 SATA lead from them and because I was desperate and needed it the next day, I paid the £15 highland excess delivery. Then the small 100mm lead arrived the next day in a Jiffy bag with a Royal Mail 1st class stamp. I recon the total charge of P&P must of been about £2.50. So why was I charged £15…?

After complaining about this excessive charge to the customer service department, I got the usual “our courier service charge an excess to delivery that your postcode” reply. To which I had to point out that 1. It was sent in a Jiffy bag with a 1st class stamp and 2. The Royal Mail charge the same rate for delivery to any postcode in the mainland UK and can manage to do it the very next day for the same charge.

So from now on, I will only order large orders from Novatech, partial or complete PC builds where I can absorb the excessive delivery charge into the order. Any small components or cards ect, I will order from their no.1 competitor “eBuyer”, who are only a tiny bit more expensive, don’t quite have the same range but charge a standard flat rate p&p to the mainland UK.

I’m sorry Novatech, over this past 20 years, I have spent over £50,000 with you and your outdated and ridiculous fixed rate for my postcode means you have basically lost a customer and you not longer get my full praise…

Yet another company let down by the UK’s let down by a poor sub-standard delivery service. I would of given you 5 stars, but I’m taking away 2 because of the high excess on your delivery.

3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)