Virgin Wines

Excellent choice of wines with a fantastic speedy service with plenty of options for savings, no wonder they have been awarded “Online Retailer of the Year” for several years running (2017 & 2018).

I am a great lover of a fine red wine, whether that is with a meal or just to drink sociably, you can’t beat a good quality wine. So rather than purchasing from my local supermarket and risking getting something that is just not that good, I started to look online to see what was available. At first I discovered “Naked Wines” who it appeared offered a good service and selection of wine. I had an introductory offer with them, so I placed an order and several days later I got a crate of wine which was all very enjoyable. However, when I tried to re-order with them, I kept getting an error on their website saying my debit card was not valid. I contacted their customer server and pretty much got a standardised bot reply and nothing else. So I started looking at who else was available.

That’s when I discovered “Virgin Wine”, now I have no issues with Mr. Branson and his business ethics and actually believe the Virgin brand to be a good one that delivers a quality product. Again I had an introductory offer to join their “Discovery Wine Club”, so I entered my details and my journey with them began.

The discovery club was a simple idea, I would receive a box of 12 wines every 3 weeks for a reasonable price of £8.99 per bottle. This price is a discounted price of at least 15% of the normal retail price per bottle. I had a choice of a box of white, red or mixed and since I am a red lover, I chose the box of red. My first box arrived a few days later and I was very happy with the selection. The box of 12 was made up from 3 bottles of 4 different wines, each from various locations around this world. Then 12 weeks later, another box would arrive of a different 4 wines again with 3 bottles of each. This went on for about 18 months and I was generally very pleased with the selections sent, with only the occasional bottle that wasn’t quiet to my taste. However, then I noticed the boxes and payments were starting to happen every 8 weeks. This happened 2 orders in a row, I would be charged and receive a box every 2 months. Since this happened without notice of any kind, I immediately cancelled my membership to the discovery club.

After this, I started to look around at what was available. I actually gave Naked Wines another chance but the exact same thing happened again, their website refused to acknowledge my debit card (which I use everywhere online). So basically I came back to Virgin Wine but this time I would just order when I was ready without being apart of a club system.

What I then discovered was that as a normal customer and not a club member, I would get regular offers via email with great deals and discounts including credits added to my account for no apparent reasons. So basically I was ordering a £200 box of reds for the discounted price of £110 and have a £20 voucher on my account. I would then be charged £7.99 delivery so basically would be ordering a very good quality box of 12 bottles of red for about £100. Then since I was not submitted to re-order requirements, I just ordered when I wanted to. Which would sometimes be more than every 12 weeks (especially when I would be working abroad at times) or occasionally I would be ordering less than every 12 weeks.

This way of ordering also meant I could choice the quality of bottles I wanted to order too. Meaning, some months maybe I didn’t feel like ordering the higher quality bottles and could order a box of 12 for less than £79. While other months I would be ordering a box of 12 for £150 (because I had got a nice pay packet that month – hehe). If required I could also totally customise my box, by using the simple review system on their website, I could review previous bottles and then order a box hand picked from the favourites I had previously had.

Now this all sounds very great and almost too good, but to be honest with you, it is like that. I really don’t have too much to complain about, even the delivery is fantastic. I even once got my box on the following day when I ordered before midday. That is exceptionally good since I live in the north east of Scotland where delivery sometimes takes days if not weeks (dependant on courier).

So to sum up…. if you like wines and are looking for a quality online retailer with a great choice of wines at various and often highly discounted priced, then try Virgin Wines….. They’re great…

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5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)