Bose Companion 50

Pure quality as you would expect from Bose, comes with compact satellites and a fairly compact sub with a neat little control disc to turn them on/off, connect headphones/line in and of course adjust the volume.

For many years now I have been using a set of Logitech PC speakers on my main PC, but recently I damaged the satellite speakers by driving them too hard. So it was time to replace these speakers with some new ones and I choose the Bose Companion 50 multimedia speakers.

I shopped around a little but ended up purchasing direct from the Bose website as their price was pretty much the same as everywhere else at £299 (GBP). The experience on their website was nothing to complain about and overall easy enough to select, complete the usual required personal data and enter payment details. The site in general is very easy to navigate around and is of a top quality which you would expect from this manufacturer.

Within 7 days, my delivery had arrived exactly when the tracking information stated it would arrive, in fact the whole delivery process was very many managed with regular updates of the whole process arriving in my inbox.

That evening I unpacked the not too large box, ensured everything was in good condition and very happy to report everything look good and no signs of a previous owner or tampering. The two satellites (which stand at about 200mm high) connect to the sub unit with very high quality Molex type connectors and the control disc is the same. There is a standard 3.5mm jack to jack lead (gold plated) to connect to the PC sound card output (front speakers) and a standard UK power lead (no external PSU) plugs in and everything is ready to go. I then powered up my PC and taped the little control disc to turn the speakers on.

Because I had just replaced my previous speakers with these, there was no requirement to adjust any settings on my PC so the usual Windows 10 login sound came through nice and clear. Once my PC had booted, I selected some music and began to ‘tweak’ the new speakers. The volume is adjusted by rotating the outer disc on the controller, which has a very satisfying high quality feel to it and the amount of bass produced by the sub is controlled by a rotating knob on the rear of the sub unit.

The speakers do have a “power save” mode, which means if no sound is heard for 20 minutes, then the amp is switched off. A simple sound or a tap on the disc will then wake them up again. Some user have complained about this but I see no problem with this as the speakers wake up in milliseconds.

As you would expect from Bose, the overall sound quality is exceptional, especially when you consider the size of the speakers. The build quality is also very exceptional and to be honest, my only complaint is the height of the satellite speakers. These are just over 200mm high which means they cannot go behind my monitor as the monitor would then block the speaker plane. You would think that Bose would have thought.. “hang on, nearly all monitors have a standardised height from the desk and we shall make out speaker no higher that this so they can sit below the monitor is required”, but no…. Or at the very least, have the height adjustable… But as I said, this is my only complaint…

So overall, very high quality, superb sound and generally very happy with my choice.

5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)